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Long Overdue Update

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Turns out, I never had the surgery.

A week before my surgery I found out I can’t fly for 2 weeks after the surgery (it’s a blood-clot risk apparently). I had a trip planned 10 days after the surgery that I didn’t want to miss, so I decided to delay my surgery to the end of the summer.

During the months leading up to my new surgery date, I decided to push the limits of my foot by running occasionally (just 1 mile at a time) and it actually ended up making the pain almost go away! I even ended up learning how to surf at the end of the summer, which I could not do a year before (even walking barefoot on the beach hurt before). So I ended up canceling my surgery for this year. I still wear orthotics, but I don’t anticipate needing surgery now.

I’ve received a number of emails from people that either were considering the surgery or have had the surgery and were wondering how my recovery is going. Since I never had the surgery I can’t speak to the recovery, but if you are one of those people that either is considering it or has had it, please feel free to leave a comment on your experience, concerns, etc. so others can learn & comment on their own experiences.